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Our exclusive service for visiting properties in Spain

Even if it wanted to, your perfect house can’t transport itself to where you are. But we can offer you Solvia Tour, an end-to-end service that begins from the very moment you fall in love with a house online and ends by arranging for you to see it in person.

This is a crucial step that you will make in the company of an expert: your Life Adviser.

What is the Solvia Tour?

Firstly, we analyse exactly what it is right for you, considering your individual needs and your budget. From there, we draw up a shortlist and set out a schedule so that you can visit and analyse all of the candidates vying to be your future home.

Your Life Adviser will help you along every step of the way, showing you around all of the properties, as well as their neighbourhoods and their local amenities. We can also organise a second visit for you if you would like, so that you can really get to know each property.

Lastly, we will inform you about all of the steps involved in the purchasing process. If you decide to buy, we will manage the entire process and, if needed, can help you to arrange a mortgage.

Are you ready to take the plunge and start the journey towards your new home?

Book your Solvia Tour now and spend one to two days in Spain, in the company of our experts.

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